Preston Wada is an LA native who has had a passionate fascination with hair since he was old enough to style the hair of dolls. Continuing his growing love for hair throughout his childhood and adolescence. At the age of 17, Preston decided to follow his passion by enrolling as the first class of the Aveda Institute of Los Angeles.

As his technique thickened, he aptly began to study the Vidal Sassoon approach of cutting. Preston was able to embark on a multitude of techniques and skills from his mentors. From this, he became well versed in Aveda coloring and Sassoon style of cutting.

Shortly after, Preston realized his love for over stylized Avant Garde hair wasn’t suitable for the the salon world, so he ultimately left -perusing his love for styling.

He began assisting hair on music videos for artists such as: Ariana Grande, Nikki Minaj, David Guetta, and Tinashe. He then started to develop his own relationships and began to work in the editorial world making his mark with noted photographers such as Ellen Von Unwerth and John Russo. He also became the go to styling person for Aveda’a Global Artistic director of Color, Ian Michael Black. His unique style led him to become the key hairstylist at Ian’s Aveda show 16′.

Preston’s creative and inspiring looks have been published in Paper, L’Officiel Lithuania, Shön, and Fault magazine etc. As he cultivated his name alongside his talent, it had landed him prestigious jobs working on the likes of celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, London Grammar, Brock O’Hurn, Carlson Young, and Isom Innis (Foster the People) – just to name a few.

Preston’s overall trademark is both abstract and fashion forward, but he is also equally passionate about creating soft wearable looks that have an expensive luxury feel to them. With 9 years in the industry Preston sets the precedent for other upcoming young stylists like himself.