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Equipped with a brand new bottle of baby blue nail polish, Lisa Jachno gave her first manicure at the age of 8 to her 3-year-old sister. Now aprofessional manicurist for 28 years, Lisa has gone on to polish the nails of nearly every hand in Hollywood, from Madonna’s to Steven Spielberg’s. Lisa’s manicures have appeared on the pages of countless magazines including Allure, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. She has made nails beautiful for the advertising campaigns of Chanel, Gucci, Versace and Estee Lauder, to name just a few. Feature films such as L.A. Confidential and Charlie’s Angels, music videos and various television spots have also called for Lisa’s talent. Lisa’s passion for the art of manicuring as a youth has indeed developed into a career of refined skill and professionalism. Born in Van Nuys, California, Lisa is both a native to Los Angeles and to the entertainment business. Her husband and many generations of men in her family have worked for various movie studios, thereby ensuring Lisa’s constant exposure to the industry’s many sides. Lisa remembers the glamorous women with perfectly polished, oval-shaped and frosted nails who inspired her as a child to pursue a career as a manicurist. After completing beauty school and working in several salons, it was the women behind the scenes who widened the dimensions of Lisa’s career. Realizing that women on sets work long hours and do not have time to pamper themselves, Lisa launched Studio Nails, a business devoted to these unseen women, making their nails as beautiful as those on-screen and in magazines. Word spread and soon Lisa went from manicuring the nails of the crew and production staff to the stars themselves. 
Lisa’s success is indeed a result of her enduring passion for the art of manicuring that includes not only the creativity and skill involved with the actual polishing but also the relationships she develops with her clients. She says, “To me, being a manicurist is not just about grooming someone’s hands and feet. It’s an intimate and personal experience. I am always humbled and honored to be entrusted in caring for someone’s hands and feet. Working on and touching complete strangers, you learn to develop a passion for others.”