Fesa Nu is an influencer, full of creativity with passion and focus on culture, art and poetry. Based in LA, she showcases poetry through styles of hair. Keeping culture in mind she redefines social generalizations of beauty. Her artistic talent and revolutionary work have been discovered within the international music and fashion industry.

VOGUE:  https://www.vogue.com/article/fesa-nu-wants-you-to-see-hair-as-a-form-of-poetry

With her sculptural, gravity-defying braids and twists, Fesa Nu—who has worked with musicians and actors like Mereba, Chika, and Yara Shahidi— is a self-described hair poet. “These days, I actually get offended when people consider me a hairstylist,” she says. “No disregard to hairstylists out there, because that’s where I started.” Nu went to cosmetology school at Royal Beauty College in Los Angeles, California, where she learned about the specifics of skin, scalp, and hair care. Now, her focus is on editorial work that evokes an emotional response. “A lot of times when styling, we’re put into a box, where we’re expected to do what everyone else wants and rarely get to showcase what we love. I call myself a hair poet so that people know  what they’re going to get when they book Fesa. You’re going to get some poetry.” Her work is rooted in traditional African styles—taking inspiration from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, and her homeland of South Africa—while still being distinctively hers: flat twists flow into spiral-shaped faux locs that trace the center of the scalp like a mohawk; a braided crown cascades into hanging braided hoops. “I love to create African-inspired hairstyles, and revamp them and really make them my own.”

INSTAGRAM:  https://www.instagram.com/fesa_n/?hl=en